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  • "Before you “share” your good news, consider this:
    You know that feeling when something amazing happens to you and you can’t wait to share it with the world? Learn to wait. Here’s why:
    1. When any good news came to the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa salam) or if a calamity had been averted, he would immediately fall in prostration (sajdatul shukr) and thank Allah for it. This is a beautiful sunnah that should be practiced all the time and not just for major occasions like graduations, new homes, etc.
    2. Take a few moments to really deeply say al hamdulila from the depths of your heart. That will be a form of maintaining that blessing as Allah will see your sincere gratitude.
    3. Some of the scholars say that one of the reasons Allah did not allow Zakariyya (alayhis salam) to speak for 3 days except for words of praise was to bestow a greater appreciation of the blessing upon him. Al Baghawi (ra) said that is because sometimes when you speak about your blessings to others immediately, you lose yourself in your excitement.
    So from now on when something good happens to you, hold off on the phone call, text, email, or status. Say takbeer, go into prostration, say subhana rabbi al a’ala the way you do in your prostration in prayer, AND add a personal note of dua and thanks to Allah from the depths of your heart before you rise."
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    I like seeing females that are out building an empire for themselves. You know like females who have a sense of self respect and are stressing about finals as opposed to stressing over boys that aren’t even on their level. Knowing your worth is probably the most important thing as a woman in today’s society. Know your worth.

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  • "I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn."
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    28 year old Yasir, is a friend of my friend. He has spinal cancer. Medicare will not cover the cost for his treatment which he needs or else his body will be paralyzed. Please, IF YOU CAN NOT DONATE, ATLEAST SHARE THIS. PLEASE. ITS URGENT. HE IS ONLY 28. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.

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